Hello everybody and welcome to our “Whole Child Autism Coaching” Free Video Series!

For those of you who don’t know yet, Roni Enten (certified dietitian and nutritionist) and I (along with a certified nurse practitioner and board certified pediatrician) have decided to collaborate  for the first time and offer our “Whole Child: Integrative Autism Coaching” package.

We embarked on this exciting collaboration because in our 40+ years of combined experience serving the autism community, we have seen that there is nothing more powerful in helping a child grow and heal to his/her potential than a combination of both therapeutic and bio-medical interventions, guided in a consistent and integrated way.

Doors will open in the next couple of days and limited spots will become available (so stay tuned for more details).

As an exciting way to launch this new project, give you real guidance you can use right away and help you get to know each of us further, we have decided to offer a free video series on the topics you want help with most based on a survey we shared (thank you to all who voted) and we will be releasing these videos over the next 7 days. The topics that got the most votes were: communication development, anxiety and challenging/aggressive behaviors.

In each video we will share a total of 4 of our top strategies (two bio medical and two therapeutic) so you can see meaningful growth with your child.

In cased you missed the previous videos, CLICK HERE to watch video #1 on communication development.

CLICK HERE to watch video #2 on anxiety.

Click the image below to watch video #3 on how to help your child move through challenging/aggressive behaviors.


We would love to hear from you.  Join the conversation below and tell us what is one thing you are taking away from this video.