We are very excited to announce that registration for our “Whole Child Coaching” package is now open!

What is the “Whole Child Coaching” package?

Glad you asked 🙂

In our 40+ years of combined experience serving the autism community, we have seen that there is nothing more powerful in helping a child grow and heal to his/her potential than a combination of both therapeutic and bio-medical interventions, guided in a consistent and integrated way.

This combined approach allows you to help your child by healing any underlying issues that are often the root of many of your child’s challenges, while simultaneously creating clear goals and strategies to help your child learn the skills necessary to grow in his/her communication, social and independent life skills.

It is for this reason that we have decided to collaborate and offer our “Whole Child: Integrative Autism Coaching” 4 month package.

Over these 4 months our team of specialists including; a certified autism specialist, nutritional specialist, nurse practitioner and board certified pediatrician, will guide you so you can witness your child:

improve in his/her life skills such as; going to sleep and staying asleep more easily and independently, a willingness to eat a larger variety of foods and having healthier and more consistent stools.

  –have less behavioral challenges including fewer meltdowns, self injurious behaviors, rigidity, hyperactivity and stimming.

grow in his/her communication skills and be able to express needs, thoughts and feelings more easily and fully.

develop social skills and help him become a more integrated part of your family and his peer group.

To learn more, watch the quick video below:


CLICK HERE to get more details and/or register now!

**PS. Check out the post below a Mom that we both work with just posted about the gains her child has made in his picky eating since she began working with both us.  A smiling boy eating a chicken taco says it all!