I just finished watching a video of one of one of my private clients, Patty, playing with her son, Eric. What I saw was a devoted mother trying to help her child stay on task with a variety of activities: puzzles, matching cards and reading books.

She was working hard and it looked like she was “trying to pull teeth.”

Any time there was physical contact, he began to giggle (the cutest giggle I have ever heard, by the way). Then he began throwing cards and tried to climb on her back. I watched with interest and it became very clear to me that I was not watching a child who was behaving “badly,” I was watching a child who was seeking interaction. I was watching a child who wanted to be tickled and tossed — a child who wanted to play with his Mom.

The funny thing is that I see this dynamic over and over again — a parent/therapist trying to get a child to stay on task and do an activity while the child wants to play. The child is told to stop being “silly” and stay on task.

You might say it is your job to help your child stay on task since that this is where his skills will grow.

What if I told you that interactive play is what your child needs MOST to help him grow?
Click here to read the full article to learn why and how from Jenny McCarthy’s, Generation Rescue blog.

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