Have you ever heard of the term “trying to close the gap”?

This is a term I hear often and it refers to closing the gap between a special child and his/her peers.

While I certainly support the idea of helping every child to be able to fully integrate and succeed with other children his/her age, I think the goal of “closing the gap” poses a particular problem.

With this goal in mind, and with the best intentions in the world, parents may try to minimize the differences between their child and other children.

I am here to make a stand for a different goal- to offer a paradigm shift.

Instead of focusing on minimizing the differences, what if we focused on identifying and utilizing differences as a way to help each child actualize his or her own unique potential?

What this means is shifting your focus from trying to help your child be just like all the others to helping your child more fully bring his unique self to the world around him.

This may seem like a subtle shift in focus — but the impact can be profound.

To learn more about about 3 concrete ways you can do this, check out my latest blog on Jenny McCarthy’s/ Generation Rescue’s website.

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