I know I promised that my next blog will be about cultivating social skills (and I will do that next week!), I just have to tell you what happened yesterday.

I had a call with a man from India. He began to tell me about his 12 year old son with autism. He spoke about his desire to help his son become independent and socially successful, as many parents that I speak with do.

And then he told me that his wife had died of a heart attack 1.5 years ago, and he has decided not to remarry (even though he was young man, probably in his late 30’s /early 40’s) and to dedicate his life to helping his son, doing whatever he can to help him grow to his potential (and care for his other child and parents who are living with him as well).

Well, that’s where I lost it.

I tried to maintain a level of ‘cool professionalism’, casually wiping away a tear as it slipped, but at this point I didn’t even try anymore, I just started to  cry.

I was cracked open- moved by his love, devotion, the struggles we all face in life and the vulnerability it can expose.

He went on later to say that he is a man of positive faith and that he believes that everyone has a specific destiny.  This was his and he was prepared simply, to meet it.

I was incredibly humbled by this man and inspired by the strength that he showed, an unwavering positive faith.

It made me think, that I often talk about utilizing and developing a child’s strength (whether it be numbers, music or love for slapstick).  But this conversation made me realize about the importance of recognizing and utilizing your strength as a parent- the unique gift that you bring to your journey with your child.

By recognizing your strength (whether it be persistence, passion, sense of humor) you can bring this gift even more clearly into your journey with your child and allow this strength to grow and fuel your path forward.

So, my question to you is; what is the strength that you bring to your journey with your child? Join the conversation by leaving your comment below (and by the way, by sharing your strength you give others permission to do the same-so go for it, our community needs you!)

I’ll start: My strength is that I will stop at nothing- I guess that means an unwavering ambition to serve others.

Now- it’s your turn, what is yours?