My boys (ages 3 and 5) will often sneak up behind me and try to tie my feet together while I am washing the dishes- they squeal with delight when they see me trying to break free and I chase them around the room afterwards.  This game was inspired by them.


Name of Game: Tie me up Cowboy!

Challenge: Physically participates in the interaction

Motivation: Getting tickled by you, watching you struggle to break free

How to Play: Give your child a long rope (like a jump rope) and a cowboy hat.  Tell him he is gong to be a cowboy and he needs to tie you up so that you cannot break free.  If you do break free you, will chase him around the room until you catch him and then tickle him!  Ask your child to begin trying to tie your hands or feet (or both!) together as best he can.  Then, let him watch as you ‘struggle’ to break free in a very animated way (let this part linger- it’s all the fun!).  Once you are free, chase your child around until you have caught him and tickle!

Variation: Try taking turns and tie him up!

Tip: This game can be best explained by modeling it for your child.  Ask a family or team member to play it with you first so he can see how it works.

Props: 1-2 long ropes, cowboy costumes