I got such a flood of responses from my video message last week on positive affirmations, that I decided to send you another quick video.

Let me first give you some background.

Yesterday I went with my children to visit my parents.  While we were there, my father began reading us a joke he had found.  As he read it, he began laughing so hysterically he could barely finish telling the joke!

What does this have to do with you?

In my 15 years of experience working with parents of autistic children, I have been investigating what makes the difference between parents who seem to manage and even thrive while facing the challenges of having a child with autism versus those that struggle daily to stay above water.

One of the qualities I have seen that has lead to more ease and success on your journey with your child (and life in general) is having a sense of humor.

Yes, that simple- the ability to stop and LAUGH (plus laughter is a huge stress reliever!)

I encourage you to invite laughter into your life more, especially in some of your most desperate situations.

AND, as a way to get you started, take a look at this video (under 1 minute) of my father in hysterics.  It is contagious so be prepared to LAUGH!

Here it is: My father laughing!

What makes you laugh?

Please post your comments below and let the laughter spread!