Words Are Like Butterflies

Words Are Like Butterflies

Many years ago I was speaking with a speech therapist who said to me “Words are like butterflies, once they are spoken- they are gone, making them impossible to catch”. Now that is nothing more than an interesting point when you think about our ability to...Read More

Red Light/Green Light

This game not only creates an opportunity to ask complex questions, but it also encourages your child to seek more information from a friend- which is a very natural way to have a conversation with a peer. Name of Game: Red Light/Green Light Challenge: Verbal...Read More

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a fun way to bring a little theater into your program and help your child use more intonation in his voice. Name of Game: Lights, Camera, Action! Challenge: Verbal Communication (Voice has varying Intonation) Stage 5 Motivation: Putting on a play How to Play:...Read More

Click-Flash- Share!

What child does not enjoy using a camera?  This game uses a very attractive prop to help your child take turns talking and listening.   Name of Game: Click-Flash- Share! Challenge: Verbal Communication (Take turns talking and listening) Stage 4 Motivation: Using a...Read More