Tie me up Cowboy!

My boys (ages 3 and 5) will often sneak up behind me and try to tie my feet together while I am washing the dishes- they squeal with delight when they see me trying to break free and I chase them around the room afterwards.  This game was inspired by them. Name of...Read More

The Sneeze Spot!

Chance games, like chutes and ladders, can be very challenging for children on the autism spectrum.  Games involving chance require and a incredible amount of flexibility.  This chance game was designed after a 9 year old that I work with that just LOVES to hear...Read More

The Cushion Squish

Most of the kids on the autism spectrum love deep pressure- it can be very calming and organizing for a sometimes disoriented sensory system- try this one- it is sure to be a hit! Name of Game: The Cushion Squish Challenge: Speaking in 2-3 word sentences Motivation:...Read More

The Alien Game!

All 3 of my kids beg me to play this game with them- it cracks them up each time! It is a personal favorite… Name of Game: The Alien Game Challenge: Speaking in complete sentences Motivation: Watching you make silly mistakes How to Play: Dress up in a funny costume...Read More