Developmental Games your child will LOVE

In a survey I conducted last week ,a very high percentage of you indicated that you would like help with creating and facilitating games to help promote your child’s development. I am thrilled to write about this topic since I am a game- geek and LOVE talking...Read More

I spy with my EYE!

This game is designed to help your child track your eyes to see where you attention is- a fun variation on ‘I spy’ but this time just with your eye!   Name of Game: I spy with my EYE! Challenge: Eye Contact (Using eye contact to draw attention to objects) Stage 3...Read More

Lights, Camera, Action!

This is a fun way to bring a little theater into your program and help your child use more intonation in his voice. Name of Game: Lights, Camera, Action! Challenge: Verbal Communication (Voice has varying Intonation) Stage 5 Motivation: Putting on a play How to Play:...Read More

Drawing with your…Feet!

This is a fun and simple game and one that will certainly make you laugh! Name of Game: Drawing with your…..Feet! Challenge: Flexibility (Taking Turns in an activity) Stage 3 Motivation: Trying to draw (and watching you draw) with your feet How to Play: This is a fun...Read More