Words Are Like Butterflies

Words Are Like Butterflies

Many years ago I was speaking with a speech therapist who said to me “Words are like butterflies, once they are spoken- they are gone, making them impossible to catch”. Now that is nothing more than an interesting point when you think about our ability to...Read More

The Importance of Problem Solving

This is my 6 year old son, Yonatan, washing the car windows at the local gas station- what pride and joy in his face. This comes from the delight in doing a task on his own- with no adult hovering/guiding/instructing or more importantly, taking over. Yes, as adults...Read More

Look me in the eye

Do you ever find yourself asking your child the same question over and over again (or calling their name) and still get no response?  This can be a very tiring experience for a parent, and as my good friend Adina has said, she gets so sick of hearing her own voice!...Read More

The secret to inspiring a breakout

Spring time is here and for me and my family this means Passover!  We have a family tradition that every year for Passover we all get together as a family (cousins, aunts, uncles- almost 30 of us!) and stay together for a week.  We celebrate Passover together, go for...Read More