Generation Rescue: My Introductory Post

I am honored to be an official blogger now on Jenny McCarthy’s/ Generation Rescue’s website, among other top autism experts and parents. I want to make sure that all members of my autism community (yes, that means YOU!)  get to benefit from all the...Read More

Communication Responder Versus Communication Starter

I was recently reviewing videos for one of my private clients, Gal and his mother Eden. I noticed something very interesting.  There were specific times when Gal was communicating in 1 word sentences with a more robotic tone and no eye contact- and there were times...Read More

The Importance of Prioritizing Yourself FIRST

  Me, my sister and dear friend for a morning beach date Why did I post this picture for you?  Read on…   I saw this post from a mother with a child with autism on Facebook the other day:   “I can’t stop the world, so I have stopped the roller...Read More

Communication Breakthroughs: Video Blog

As you probably know by now, I am seriously committed to helping you witness your child make HUGE strides in all areas of development, especially communication. I have seen, time and time again, that communication development is the top priority for most families,...Read More

Video Message For You

I’m gonna make this quick. While on my morning run, I decided I wanted to TALK to you, instead of write a newsletter for you this week. Take a quick look at this video message I made for YOU (plus there is a fun exercise in here I made for you and your child...Read More