Chance games, like chutes and ladders, can be very challenging for children on the autism spectrum.  Games involving chance require and a incredible amount of flexibility.  This chance game was designed after a 9 year old that I work with that just LOVES to hear people sneeze.  He has even stopped mid tantrum to hear me sneeze.  This game was based on a great idea that one of his volunteers made up.  So- here’s to sneezes!



Name of Game: The Sneeze Spot

Challenge: Playing a game with simple rules, flexibility within the game

Motivation: Seeing you do a funny and exaggerated sneeze.

How to play:  Take a large poster board and draw a snake path board game with a beginning, end and about 40-50 spaces in between.  On ten of the spaces of the snake path draw a picture of a nose or of someone sneezing- this is “the sneeze spot”.  Use 2 different paper clips or coins as the markers.  Take turns rolling the die and moving your marker accordingly.  If you land on a sneeze spot, the other person has to make a very loud and funny sounding sneeze, which ‘blows’ you back 3 spaces.  Continue taking turns until one person reaches the end first.

Props: Poster board, 2 objects as markers, die, pen