Today falls between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur on the Jewish calendar.  This marks the beginning of the Jewish New year and is a time to connect to what is sacred in our lives.  For me, it is a time to take a break from our endless ‘doing’ and connect to ‘being’.  When I say ‘being’, I mean who we are right now-not who we want to become.

This seemingly simple task can actually be incredibly challenging.  As a culture, we are continuously focused on moving forward, making new achievements, adding more accomplishments to our resume.  We hope and believe that when we get THERE- we will have arrived; arrived at a place of infinite joy, peace and fulfillment.

In my work with families with autistic children since 1997, I see the same pattern magnified.
I have heard many families tell me that they will be happy, when their child__________ (you can fill in the blank with the many things you might want for your child- like when my child recovers, when my child communicates, when my child is toilet trained, etc.).

What happens is this: a child with autism is experienced as a work in progress and many parents suffer from the endless desperation of getting there- the place where their child’s potential is truly actualized so they can finally be happy.

Does that sound familiar to you?

What I am about to say might spark a lot of controversy- but I’m gonna say it anyway…

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