This game not only creates an opportunity to ask complex questions, but it also encourages your child to seek more information from a friend- which is a very natural way to have a conversation with a peer.

Name of Game: Red Light/Green Light

Challenge: Verbal Communication (Asks/Answers complex questions) Stage 4

Motivation: Hearing/sharing interesting stories

How to play: This game is best played with your child and a friend or team/family member.  Create a simple ‘red light’ and ‘green light’ out of colored construction paper. Explain to your child and the friend that you will take turns telling stories but when hold up the ‘red light ‘ sign whoever is telling the story has to stop and when you hold up the ‘green light’ sign he can continue.   Sit in a circle and ask the friend to tell you and your child about something interesting/fun that she did that week. Some time while she is talking hold up the red light sign (ideally at a cliff hanger moment, like ‘I was walking down the street when all of the sudden…).  Then ask your child to ask a question to find out more.  Then hold up the green light sign for the friend to continue.  Hold up the ‘red light’ sign several times through out the story so your child has the opportunity to ask more questions to find out more.  Then, ask your child to tell a story of something interesting that happened that week and use the ‘red light’ sign to stop him and give the friend the opportunity to ask a question to find out more.

Tip: You can model this game first so your child can simply watch and see how it works before you ask him to participate.

Props: A ‘red light’ and ‘green light’ sign.