Total Transformation: 1 Year Coaching

This package is for you if you are looking for comprehensive guidance and support over the course of a full year of your child’s development. See your child TOTALLY TRANSFORM in all developmental areas including:

  • Language and conversation- more clearly communicating what s/he wants and/or engaging in meaningful social conversation.
  • Eye contact- looking at you in natural and spontaneous ways (priceless)!
  • Interactive Attention span- engaging in interactive games with you and staying in those games for longer periods of time.
  • Flexibility- playing games in new and different ways and accepting changes more easily (dreamy!).
  • Self-help skills- becoming toilet trained, getting him/herself dressed, eating independently… the list is endless!
  • Academic skills- developing skills in academics (math, reading, and more!) in a fun and motivating way.
  • Gross/fine motor skills- moving his/her body with more strength, confidence and accuracy.
  • Challenging behaviors- doing less crying, hitting and tantrums and being more calm and effective in his/her communication.

I am literally seeing each child open up before my eyes.

“I have 3 children with autism and all of them have changed in dramatic ways since I began working with Tali. I am literally seeing each child open up before my eyes. We have gone from seeing sporadic and inconsistent changes to seeing new and exciting things with them every day- such as increased comprehension, more spontaneous language, less tantrums, increased affection, and a huge gain in their overall awareness of what is happening around them. I recommend Tali’s services without hesitation!”

Allison, Louisiana, USA
Mother of Hillary and Lesley (twins age 8), Jack (6)
Diagnosed with Autism

This package includes:

• 3 Comprehensive Goal Assessments:

goalBased on 40 minutes of video that you send me, I will carefully asses your child.  Based on this assessment, I will determine which goals are the priority goals and which specific strategies should be implemented to achieve those goals. This will be done initially, at six months and during your final month so you can make sure you are on track with your child every step of the way. After each assessment, we will have a 45 minute “Goal Review Consult” to discuss any questions you may have.

• 9 Skype Video-Consultations (1 – 45 minute consultation a month):

skype 1You will send me 20 minutes of video (via YouTube) of you and your child for me to review.  Based on the video review we will have a Skype consultation, where we will:

  • Adapt and refine goals or strategies so you can cultivate optimal growth in your child.
  • Answer any questions you or your team members may have about how to implement those strategies so you can feel clear, focused and on track.

• 3 self-care consultations (45 minutes each):

relaxHave you put yourself on the back burner neglecting important areas of your life like your health, relationships or rest and rejuvenation?  These consultations are designed just for you- to help you regain balance in your life and make yourself a priority again so you can increase the quality of your life and have the energy and stamina you need to go the distance with your child.

• Unlimited e-mail support:

supportBesides our coaching calls, you have ongoing access to me via e-mail for any questions or pressing concerns you have between our calls. This way you can know that you are on track with your child every step of the way and experience FULL support.



7 spots available per year
Interested but not sure if this package is right for you or your child? Simply set up a free call with me so we can ‘meet’ and explore this together.
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