Leap! 3 month coaching

This package is for you if you are looking for customized guidance to make a LEAP in your child’s development. See your child grow in amazing ways, including:

  • Social skills: engaging with you more frequently and in more meaningful ways.
  • Language/communication:using more clear communication to get what s/he wants and/or engage in meaningful conversation
  • Self help skills: becoming toilet trained, get him/herself dressed, eat independently… the list is endless!

We are so thrilled with her progress!

“Since we began working with Tali, our daughter has made incredible changes. She is crying and having tantrums much less, she is participating in games with us more often and for longer periods of time, she is now using 2-3 word combinations, is initiating a lot more physical affection with her siblings and father AND she is fully toilet trained. We are so thrilled with her progress!

Tali is a very capable, compassionate and consummate processional. Her intimate understanding of our family and of our Son-Rise team is evident in the quality of our conversations. We recommend Tali highly!”

Bec, Sydney, Australia
Mother of Bella (age 4)
Diagnosed with autism

The Leap! 3 Month Coaching Program consists of:

• 1 video consultation each month (45 minutes).

skype 1You will send me a 20 minute video (via YouTube) of you and your child for me to review.  Based on the video review we will have a Skype consultation, where we will:

  • Identify what goals to prioritize (and what goals to put on hold) to help promote optimal growth with your child.
  • Create specific, easy to implement strategies that you (and your team) can use to achieve those goals.
  • Answer any questions you have about how to implement those strategies so you can feel clear, focused and on track.

• Unlimited e-mail support:


Besides our coaching calls, you have ongoing access to me via e-mail for any questions or pressing concerns you have between our calls. This way you can know that you are on track with your child every step of the way.



15 spots available per year.

Interested but not sure if this package is right for you or your child? Simply set up a free call with me so we can ‘meet’ and explore this together.
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