This is a picture of my 3 kids (from left: Yonatan, Chen and Anava) on a recent family trip to my friend’s ceramic studio.

As a mother of 3, I know that the summer can be full of great times, an essential break from the routine AND little to zero personal time.

The days are long and hot and with little time for self- care- how do you maintain your sanity?

1 simple step- Step out.

What do I mean by that?

To “Step Out” means to take a moment (it does not have to be long, even several minutes) and step out of the chaos and decompress.

In the last 2 years I have learned the true value of self care and have created a committed schedule of daily meditation and running as a way to help me center, release stress and regain perspective in my life.

With the summer schedule and my kids home- this kind of routine is not possible.

However,  after seeing that I am being snappier than I would like to be with my kids (and my husband for that matter!), I decided I needed some kind of adapted version before it got ugly!

*****Yes, we all lose it and I believe it is essential to create a culture in my community where we can all own that, accept that- and yes, even laugh at the ways we can fly off the handle!******

I decided I needed to step out…so, yesterday I did a 15 minute meditation before bed and woke up this morning for a quick run before the kids got up.

It felt amazing to breathe, be still, be outside and take a break from the constant multi tasking and juggling.

Here are some ideas of how you can ‘step out’:
1. Wake up before your kids and give yourself some time (even 20 minutes).  You can use this time  to exercise, stretch, write in a journal, meditate or even just have a cup of coffee in a quiet house. Yes- I am suggesting you set your alarm to carve out some quiet time.  I promise- it is divine.

2. Utilize time when your kids go to bed.  Even if it’s later than usual (my kids can stay up until 10 or later on a summer night), I have enjoyed lying in bed and reading a book, meditating or sitting outside in the cool air and chatting with a girlfriend on the phone.

3. Quick escape.  There are times, smack in the middle of it all, when you see that you are losing your center and your temper.  This is the time to step out.  You can go to your room, bathroom or outside and give yourself several minutes to calm down, focus on deep breathes, use some affirmations and go back to the your family when you are more centered.

The whole family benefits when you take care of yourself this way.

In general, I encourage a committed routine of preventive self care to help you stay balanced and peaceful, but in the summertime some ‘rescue moments’ might have to do.

One step.
Step Out.

I would love to hear from you- how do you step out to maintain your center?  Please post your questions and comments below!