Typically you hear from me each week (twice to be exact, my ‘nuggets of inspiration’ on Tuesday and my video blogs on Thursday). I adore, by the way, creating and sending you this content each week and I especially love engaging in conversation with you and hearing your experiences with your child or the tools that I shared.

But today I am reaching out to you in a different way.

I wanted to share with you a big shift (can you feel the rumbling?) that has been happening over the past year or so. This is a shift that has been evolving both in my personal life and in the way I see myself manifesting my life’s work; serving families who have children with autism.

When did the “Big Shift” begin?

I guess the turning point began just around when I turned 40 (this past October 31st, yes I am a Halloween baby and yes I am almost 41!).

This feeling of something shifting at 40 is so classic it’s almost embarrassing.

Without really recognizing it at first, I felt an awakening sense of adventure; a desire to get out and ‘go big’. I began to look at the ways I have been playing small in my life and in my work and began to feel that, once and for all,  I am ready to step out more fully and actualize the depth and capacity of my work.

This desire has manifested itself in many ways ever since.

To begin with, in celebration of our 40th birthdays, myself and 2 dear and long time friends of mine met up in India.  We traveled, hiked, explored, met with the locals, played music, sang and ate incredible food.  It was exhilarating and invigorating, here’s a couple of shots from some of my favorite moments:






And of course, I had time to reflect on my life, my purpose and how I can more fully actualize who I am.

When I got home from my trip I had this very strong feeling that I could no longer do what I have been dong in the way I have been doing it.

Have you ever had this feeling?

It was time to stop, reflect and shift gears.  Yet, I was not really clear what this shift was. I tend to get impatient with not feeling clear, so this was a good time for me to practice not rushing this process and letting things unfold as they need to.

The India adventure planted a seed for the next adventure this past summer: a family home exchange in Denmark.  This entire process was so moving to me; finding a family on the Internet that wanted to visit Israel and then, having never met them before, switching homes and cars for 2 weeks!  We only met them briefly AFTER the exchange since they stayed in Israel a couple of days after we came back.  It was an amazing family adventure, the first time we all went somewhere that none of us had been to before.  We hiked, biked, paddle boarded, explored this dreamy island together and (of course) ate a lot of smoked fish and ice cream.  Here are some shots from this trip (and yes, my 14 year old daughter Anava has some crazy moves and notice how my 11 year old son is behind her trying to do the same thing):






These adventures and travel cracked something open within me and allowed me to see what my purpose is in a whole new way.

It helped me to see what the next step is and what I feel will truly revolutionize the way I serve families.

I’m not yet ready to reveal what it is (it’s still forming), but it’s coming.  Stay tuned for more details in a couple of days!

But until then, I’d love to hear from you.

What experiences have you had in the past year that has shifted things for you and what did it shift?

Life is always moving and evolving and I’d love to hear how this is happening for you.  Join the conversation in the comment section below!

As I mentioned at the top of this blog, the conversation that happens in the comment section below is my favorite part and is the fuel that keeps me going, so PLEASE don’t be shy 🙂