This is a fun way to bring a little theater into your program and help your child use more intonation in his voice.


Name of Game: Lights, Camera, Action!

Challenge: Verbal Communication (Voice has varying Intonation) Stage 5

Motivation: Putting on a play

How to Play: Select a play from the Internet (or write your own) with two characters.  For example, a play about one friend who is upset and another friend who plans a party to help cheer him up. Tell your child that you will be doing a play together.  Read him the play and pick your roles and pass out any appropriate pros or costumes.  Practice the play together and encourage your child to use his voice to convey the character’s feelings.  Practice the play several times together in a dramatic way until your child has used his voice in a more dramatic way to convey his character’s feelings.  Then, you can make invitations, invite family members and put on a play for everybody (popcorn included)!

Props: A short two character play, appropriate props/costumes