Wouldn’t you love for your child to take a nice warm bubbly bath at night and clean the day away?  For those of you whose children do this willingly- lucky you!  Many of you probably have children who resist this pretty intensely- this activity is for you!

Stick/adhere objects that your child is motivated for (such as foam numbers, letters, trains or even snacks) on the far wall of the bathtub.  Ask your child to step into the empty bath tub so he can reach the wall and collect the objects he loves.  Do this several times over the course of several days.  Once your child gets the idea, try the game again but this time add just enough water (make sure it is the ideal temperature for your child) so that your child’s toes will get wet and then encourage your child to step in to collect his favorite objects. Try putting water in the tub before your child comes into the bathroom in case he is sensitive to the sound of the water coming from the faucet. Each day add a bit more water until your child is comfortable with being and even sitting in higher levels of the water.