There are 3 things that I feel are most valuable on your autism journey with your child:
1. Knowledge: As I always say, knowledge is power. Being informed on the most effective therapeutic and bio-medical interventions and perspectives for and from people with autism is critical in helping your child actualize his/her potential.

2. Support. Being a part of a community of parents where you can ask for support, offer support and benefit from the incredible wisdom and experience other parents have to offer makes such a big impact as you move forward on your journey.

3. Inspiration. There are tons of people out there telling you what isn’t possible for your child and sometimes it can just paralyze you. If you are surrounded by hope and inspiration from other families, you ensure that you have the attitude and spirit in place to go the distance on your journey.

Many families are truly lacking the knowledge, support and inspiration that are so critical and so I have come up with my next “Big Idea” to make sure that these 3 ingredients are an integrated part of your life. I reveal this new idea in today’s video. I would love to know what you think? Should I do it? Is this something that you feel would be helpful on your journey?

My life’s work is to serve families with children on the autism spectrum (and adults) as effectively as possible. I only want to create this next project if you want it, so please let me know!

Here are some questions to consider:

1.Would a more intimate and consistent community experience, like the one I describe in this video, be something that you feel would be helpful to you? If so, why? If not, why not?

2.What additional features would you like to see me add to this community experience?

3. Is there anything that you feel is missing?

4. Have you been a part of a community program like this before, and if so, was it helpful?

Please post your responses below!