Environment makes a big impact on how we function.  Clutter can contribute to disorganized thinking or a lack of warmth and inspiration in your environment can make it more challenging to feel focused and ambitious.  This is true of your bedroom, kitchen, office and playroom!

Spring is on the way and the spring cleaning buzz is starting to circulate (especially in my Jewish tradition as deep cleaning is a central ritual for preparing for Passover). This is a great time to ‘shake things up’- create a refreshed energy in your program and renewed growth in your child.  Here are some thoughts of how you can organize, unclutter and re-inspire your playroom environment to help you, your team and your child get ‘unstuck’ and breakout to reach new heights. Here are some simple ways you can ‘change up’ your environment to inspire growth:

If you are new to the Son-Rise Program:

1.Select a room in your home to be used as a special focused playroom (this can even be your child’s bedroom).

2. Unclutter the room by taking out all toys your child has not used in the last couple of months (you can give these away or store in a closet for later).

3. Add a new toy or game (no more than 2-3) that you and your child can enjoy together.

4. Spend twenty-thirty minutes several days a week with your child in this uncluttered and focused room with the door closed.

5. Play with your child with one intention in mind: to connect with and be with your child– no matter what he wants to do!


Ways to ‘freshen up’ your playroom if you are currently running a Son-Rise Program

1. Unclutter! Go through all the toys and supplies and take out at least 30%-40% of what is in your room.  Store away for later or give away.  Remember, less is more!

2. Create a sense of newness and change.  Sometimes you, your child and your team get used to acting a certain way in a certain environment and this creates patters or habits for all of you.  To inspire ‘breakouts’, create a sense of newness in your room.  Give your room a fresh coat of non-toxic paint, bring in a new carpet, rearrange the table/chairs or put up cheerful curtains.

3. Bring in new toys/supplies.  Think about the games/activities your child currently loves or games/activities  you would like to expose your child to in order to expand his repertoire.  Bring in 2-3 of these new games and activities. You can brainstorm these ideas with your team.

4. Put up a new sign on your door, like “Welcome to Timmy’s playroom (where awesome growth occurs!” to inspire you and your team as you enter.

Have fun changing things up as spring approaches and see what kind of shift can occur for you, your team and your child.