This game is designed to help your child track your eyes to see where you attention is- a fun variation on ‘I spy’ but this time just with your eye!

Boy with Maginfying Glass


Name of Game: I spy with my EYE!

Challenge: Eye Contact (Using eye contact to draw attention to objects) Stage 3

Motivation: Guessing, anticipation

How to Play: Tape 10 interesting pictures on one wall of your playroom (use pictures of objects or characters that your child will likely be motivated by).  Ask your child to stand on the other side of the playroom and look at only one picture.  Watch his eyes carefully and see if you can guess which picture he chose by seeing where he is looking.  If you guess it correctly, take that picture down from the wall and continue the game- but this time you stand across the room and pick a picture to look at.  See if your child can guess which picture you chose by tracking your eyes.  Continue the game until you have taken down all ten pictures.

Props: 10 pictures, tape