Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, in the United States, Mother’s Day is being celebrated.  Even though I now live in Israel- I still love the opportunity to honor mothers, around the world.

Here is a picture of me and what I call, “my pack of monkeys” and my husband of course…


Growing up in the United States, Mother’s Day usually meant going out to brunch, maybe getting some cards and some flowers.  However, I realized that being a mother, and especially for you being  a mother of a special needs child- deserves something MORE- something even more deep, focused and nurturing.

So….. I have come up with a couple of ways you might chose to celebrate yourself (and if you’re a Dad reading this you can pass this on to your wife!).

As many of my private clients know, self-care is one of my biggest core values that I take very seriously and encourage all mothers, and father’s, to practice themselves,  Below are several ways you can celebrate mother’s day in a way that promotes self-care.


2 Ways to Celebrate Yourself on Mother’s Day

1. Carve out time for yourself.

You know, about 5 years ago I decided to celebrate my birthdays differently.  I decided to mostly spend the day BY MYSELF- going for a hike, taking myself out to breakfast, writing in my journal and reflecting on the year past and creating vision for the year ahead.  Some people find it funny that I like to spend my birthday by myself, but honestly, it is the most nurturing thing I can do for myself.  By the end of the day I feel totally fulfilled.

So, either on Mother’s Day or SELECT and SCHEDULE another day, take at least 2 hours (or more!) to be with yourself.  You can go to the beach, go for a long walk, write in your journal, go to a museum, get a pedicure- whatever!.  The great thing is- this is YOU time and you have total control of how you spend it (without considering what your children/husband or others want to do).  Indulge yourself.  If you do not carve out this time for yourself- nobody else will.


2. Spend time with the person that supports and nurtures you most.

Life can be so hectic and you might realize that 1:1 time with your best support person almost NEVER happens.  This can be a spouse, girlfriend (or a couple of girlfriends), your mother, your mentor- the possibilities are endless.  There are many people who may judge you or drain you- select those that NURTURE and REPLENISH you and spend time with them.

*My secret: sometimes I even plan a sleepover with my close girlfriend- having a whole late night and early morning together is priceless!

The truth is, I spent many years of my life pushing myself to do more and not prioritizing myself and it took a toll!

The most important thing you can do for yourself and your child is prioritize yourself FIRST.

That’s right- first.

Isn’t that selfish -you may ask?

I say focusing on yourself gets a bad reputation and is absolutely crucial for your health, spirit and ability to help your child.  The more nourished you feel the more you have to give- it’s that simple.

This is my hope for you on this Mother’s Day- and into this year: to prioritize yourself FIRST and witness how the whole family benefits.

Join the Conversation- how do you like to practice self-care?