This is a fun and simple game and one that will certainly make you laugh!

Name of Game: Drawing with your…..Feet!

Challenge: Flexibility (Taking Turns in an activity) Stage 3

Motivation: Trying to draw (and watching you draw) with your feet

How to Play: This is a fun and simple game. Bring in 10 cards with a simple picture drawn on each card, like a star, smiley face, tree, etc.  Put a large piece of paper on the floor. Take turns picking a card, showing it to the other person,then putting a maker between your toes and trying to draw the picture that was on the card. Continue until you have used all the cards.

Variation: To add additional challenge to this game, keep the card that you chose a secret and once you have drawn with your toes see if the other person can guess what you drew.

Props: 10 blank cards, markers, and 10 pieces of paper