Most of the kids on the autism spectrum love deep pressure- it can be very calming and organizing for a sometimes disoriented sensory system- try this one- it is sure to be a hit!


Name of Game: The Cushion Squish

Challenge: Speaking in 2-3 word sentences

Motivation: Being squished (also know as deep pressure)

How to Play: This game is played best with two big flat cushions from a sofa couch.  Ask your child to lie down on one cushion and tell him you are going to squish him (if he allows and wants it).  Put the other cushion on top of him and then lie on top of it, giving him a nice long deep pressure squish (if he likes it you can do it for 10 seconds at a time).  Then ask your child to say a 2-3 word sentence, such as “lie on me!” in order for you to do it again.

Variation:  You can also take turns and your child can squish you.

Props: 2 couch cushions