What child does not enjoy using a camera?  This game uses a very attractive prop to help your child take turns talking and listening.

Taking pictures


Name of Game: Click-Flash- Share!

Challenge: Verbal Communication (Take turns talking and listening) Stage 4

Motivation: Using a digital camera

How to Play: Tell your child that you are gong to go on a short walk in the neighborhood and that you will each take pictures of things you find interesting or pretty along the way.  You can either share a camera or bring along two cameras.  Take your walk together and take pictures of whatever seems interesting to you.  When you get back, take turns showing each other each picture that you took and explaining to the other person what it is and why you took a picture of it.

Variation: This activity can be done many times in different environments, like around the house, at the store, zoo, etc.

Props: 1-2 digital cameras