Welcome back to my “Autism and Education: 4 Part Series”!

In video #1 I share 4 reasons why it is so important to give your child with autism an age appropriate education and access to knowledge that all other children receive. This video will set the foundation for the strategies that I will share in the upcoming videos in this series, so if you have not watched that yet, CLICK HERE.

In video #2 I share a simple and powerful strategy you can implement today to begin to give your child access to knowledge that will both inspire a further curiosity in your child and help you learn more about where your child’s interest lies.
If you have not watched video #2 yet, CLICK HERE.

In today’s video, part 3, I share an additional way that you can both help your child be a more active part in the learning process as well as assess how much your child is understanding in your learning time together. This simple strategy will help engage your child further in learning and make it a more participatory activity. Watch today’s video to learn this important strategy.

Also, here is the link to the book I reference in this video: RPM

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