Almost every family I have worked with in the last 20 years has an autistic child who is a picky eater or has a restrictive diet in some way and to some extent.  It is for this reason that I decided to do a 4 part series on picky eating and the steps you can take to help expand your child’s diet. In video 1 of this series, I address 4 primary reasons why expanding your child’s diet is so important.  This process is not JUST about nutrition (though that is important too).  If you haven’t seen video 1, CLICK HERE to watch now.

In today’s video, Part 2, I teach a critical strategy that will set the foundation for your child.  Doing this step first can help make a big difference in how successful you and your child might be in breaking through picky eating habits and help you avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration down the line.

Watch today’s video to learn more!

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