I recently did a survey asking parents around the world what they want help with most in helping their child with autism.  I got a lot of responses from families wanting to help with a variety of areas, like communication and social skills.  But one thing that really became apparent is how desperately parents want help with preventing and effectively managing meltdowns.

Meltdowns can make public outings nearly impossible. Meltdowns can make family gatherings very stressful.  They can make daily life intense for the entire family. So, I decided to do a 3 part video series on helping your autistic child cope with meltdowns.  I believe that if you have the perspectives and strategies you need to both prevent and manage meltdowns, this will hugely impact everyone and create more calm for your child with autism and your whole family!

In today’s video, Part 1, I share a critical and effective strategy that is often missed.  It is truly the foundation for helping your child with autism have fewer meltdowns and to move through meltdowns more easily.  Watch today’s video to learn more!


Nugget of Inspiration:

Autism and Meltdowns Strategy #1 Tali Berman Autism Specialist


I would love to hear from you. What is one thing you are taking away from this video? What have you seen to help prevent or manage your child’s meltdowns?

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