Picky Eating Series: Video #1

For those of you who don’t know, I have partnered up with an incredible group of professionals including; Roni Enten Vissoker- An individualized bio-medical nutritionist Dr. David Berger-  A board certified pediatrician and advanced practitioner of biomedical...Read More

Summer Sessions Q&A: Video #2

Welcome to our Summer Sessions Q&A video series! In this video series my colleague Roni Enten Vissoker (Individual Bio-Medical Nutritionist) and I will be answering questions submitted by parents or professionals from both a bio-medical and therapeutic...Read More

Autism and Puberty: Part 4

I am very excited to be sharing a 4-part series on autism and puberty with you. I have decided to do a series on this topic for two main reasons: because this is a topic that is not often talked about and because more and more parents are coming to me with questions...Read More