Curious what these photos are?  They are my blood cells. That’s right- I am showing you my blood cells and you are probably wondering WHY?  Good question- let me explain. The picture on the left are my blood cells almost 10 months ago when my immune system was low and Candida (fungal yeast) had taken over my system.  See how they are all stuck together in clumpy stacks?

Then, I met with a whole foods healer and began a very rigorous process of healing (which involved eliminating sugar/wheat/dairy/caffeine and alcohol from my diet, a 2 week juice fast, herbs, treatments and more).  Just last week,10 months later, I went back to the same healer to check in and see how I was doing.  She took my blood again and look what we saw (picture on the right)- a beautiful arrangement of happy, healthy, perfectly circular, free flowing blood cells. What a transformation!  I never in my life thought I had the ability to actually change my own cells!  Yes, I hung these photos on my wall so I have a constant reminder of our ability to change ourselves- even at a cellular level).

What does this have to you? Often times when we are wanting change (in ourselves or our child)- the biggest thing that gets in our way is our own limited belief that this is something that cannot be changed.  That is the moment that we cap potential transformation.  The moment we break free of that limitation- true transformation can begin and here is how:

5 steps to creating transformation in your child:

1. Think of the area you want to see transformation in most (such as your child using the toilet, using a clear word to communicate, eating a new food).

2. Take a quiet moment and visualize your child doing this activity you want most.  But don’t just think it- see it so clearly you can FEEL it.  It is the power of this feeling that is so magnetic here.  Believe it is possible- 100%.

3. Do this twice every day, at least. Once before you go to bed and once when you wake up in the morning.  Remember- this is not about just thinking it- but FEELING it. If you can conjure this feeling throughout the day- even better!

****Note: Here is the amazing thing- these charged, heart felt thoughts are powerful enough to bring about change.  I know this may sounds hokey- but the moment you believe it can be so- you are able to beckon it forward in a much more concrete way.  But, there are more concrete/practical ramifications here too- by believing it you free your creative mind to figure out practically how to make it so- and yes , this action is crucial. But only by believing this type of transformation is possible will your mind even be willing to come up with these creative solutions.****

4. Invite the solutions your creative mind can now come up with once you believe it is truly possible. You might find it amazing what you did not think of when you did not believe this type of transformation was possible.

5.  Take action on these solutions and implement them immediately.

Our beliefs are such a big part of what we can make possible (or decide is impossible) in inspiring change with our child (and ourselves)- including changing our blood cells!

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