So last week, in my “Taking the Sting out of the Stim” video I spoke about drastically shifting your relationship to your child’s ‘stim’- from enemy to opportunity- by recognizing that your child’s ‘stim’ is his most loyal friend- helping him organize his sensory system in a world that he often experiences as sensory overload.

The truth is- that is only part of the story.

See, the ‘stim’ is the symptom- an indication of something far deeper.  That’s why it does not  make sense to focus on getting rid of the ‘stim’, but instead to help reduce your child’s need to stim in the first place.  That will help you get to the heart of the issue, because as you well know, as long as your child has the NEED- there’s no stopping him!

Check out the video below to get to the heart of the issue and learn 3 critical steps to reducing your child’s NEED to stim.

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