I am celebrating my 20 year anniversary of service in the autism community!  My first meeting with a boy with autism, named Jeffrey, was in my senior year of college, back in the winter of 1997.  This meeting and ongoing work with Jeffrey changed the trajectory of my life to this day.


I am continually honored, moved and blessed to be a part of this community.


So, as a way to celebrate, I decided to share 20 truths that I have gleaned over the the last 20 years.  These are truths that I have learned from both parents and children and are what I believe to be cornerstones in helping you and your child thrive on this journey together. Each truth is a powerful concept or strategy meant to help you and your child have the most meaningful, profound and transformative journey forward.


I will share these videos individually over the next couple of weeks.


So here we go:

The 20 Truths to Thrive on Your Autism Journey


Truth #1: Your Gut Will Guide You.

Truth #2: Your child’s verbal production means nothing about his/her comprehension.

Truth #3: Exercise is a critical component of development and wellness (for you and your child).

Truth #4: Nature is a Critical Component for Healing.

Truth #5: Growth is Rooted in Health.

Truth #6: People in Your Environment Matter.

Truth #7: If you don’t prioritize yourself, nobody else will. 

Truth #8: The seemingly small achievements matter.

Truth #9: Your child’s stim is an opportunity not an enemy.

Truth #10:  You deserve forgiveness and compassion. 

Truth #11: Your child’s strengths and interests are the doorway to meaningful growth.

Truth #12: Developing a positive sense of self trumps skill acquisition.

Truth #13: Your child is much more intelligent than he is able to demonstrate.

Truth #14: Understanding your child’s sensory needs is critical.

Truth #15: First and foremost you are a parent, not a project manager. 

Truth #16: Your child is a teacher.  

Truth #17: Your child, like any child, values independence.

Truth #18: We must expand ourselves. 

Truth #19: Growth is always a zigzag pattern.

Truth #20: A supportive community is essential.

So there you have it- the 20 Truths to Thrive on your Autism Journey.

A couple of important notes:

*Upcoming news on joining our online community.  As I mentioned in Truth #20, an inspiring and resourceful community is essential for your journey and I have created one for you! I will be launching this online community to the public in the coming months so stay tuned so you  don’t miss out!


*You asked for it so I made it for you!

I was asked to please make a guide summarizing these truths so you can refer to them often and with ease.


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Made with love 🙂

I’d love to hear from you! How have you seen each truth play out on your journey with your child?  What do you have to add?  Join the conversation below!