Welcome to my worldwide autism community.

I am so glad you are here, because I know that what is most important to you is to help your child connect deeply with the people in his/her life, communicate with greater depth and gain the skills s/he needs to live an independent life with confidence, joy and ease.

In my work with hundreds of families from around the world since 1997, I have had the privilege of seeing many children (and their parents) grow in profound ways.

My life’s work is to guide and support parents like YOU- so together, we can turn your child’s potential into reality.

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Tali is an autism specialist and has been teaching and guiding families in the autism community since 1997. She has authored the book “Play to Grow! Over 200 games to help your special child develop fundamental social skills”, which was voted as one of the top five books by the Special Needs Book Review, is now sold in four languages and has proven to be an invaluable resource for families worldwide.

Tali is also the founder/leader of the “Autism Empowerment Telesummit” where she has gathered and interviewed top autism experts on her elite panel. She contributes regularly to some of the most well-read autism publications, including the Generation Rescue blog and The Autism File magazine. Tali currently lives with her husband and three children in Israel.

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I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting at this year’s National Autism Conference in New Orleans, September 7-10 (on one of my favorite topics, autism and self esteem), alongside an amazing crew including Temple Grandin, Julie Matthews, Mr.Chris and more! I hope to see you at this very exciting event.

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“Empowered Together” is a global online community for autism parents designed to give you an ongoing source of knowledge, inspiration and support via active forums, monthly Q and A’s, recommended resources and monthly interviews with experts in the field.
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“Play to Grow! Over 200 games to help your special child develop fundamental social skills” has been voted as one of the top five books by the Special Needs Book Review, has received 5 star amazon reviews, is now sold in four languages and has proven to be an invaluable resource for families worldwide.

Feel stuck in how to help your child more forward in his development? Learn fun and targeted games so you can help your child grow in his communication, social skills, attention span and more!

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Re-framing the Stim: Part 1

Many families share how much they struggle with 'the stim'- their child's exclusive and repetitious behaviors and how they often see the stim as their child's biggest barrier in integrating with their peers and developing social skills. However, what most people don't...

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Autism and Self Esteem: 8 Critical Strategies

There is no goal more important than helping your child cultivate self-esteem and an overall positive sense of self. This is important not only because it will help your child to experience more confidence, happiness and fulfillment in his life (what is more important...

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“Since we began working with Tali, our daughter has made incredible changes. She is crying and having tantrums much less and is participating in games with us much more. She is now using 2-3 word combinations, is initiating physical affection with her siblings and father AND she is fully toilet trained. We are so thrilled with her progress!”
Bec, Australia
Mother of Bella (age 4)

“Making the decision to work with Tali was one of the most important steps we took in Kilian´s pathway to recovery. He is now eating a much larger variety of foods, is having tantrums much less, is asking and answering more questions and is beginning to tell me about his day! Just the other day Kilian’s teacher told me that he “is like a different child”. This is truly a dream come true.”
-Patricia, Austria
Mother of Kilian, (age 9)

“The changes we have seen with Antonio since working with Tali have been unbelievable! He is now saying “mama’’ and “papa” and is also showing much more awareness and language comprehension. He is much more cooperative on family outings and really enjoys the time together (instead of running off and crying the whole time). AND, to top it off – Antonio is completely toilet trained!”
-Sal, Italy
Father of Antonio (age 6)

“I have 3 children with autism and all of them have changed in dramatic ways since I began working with Tali. I am literally seeing each child open up before my eyes. We have gone from seeing sporadic and inconsistent changes to seeing new and exciting things with them every day- like increased comprehension, more spontaneous language, less tantrums and increased affection.”-Allison, Louisiana, USA
Mother of Hillary and Lesley (twins age 8), Jack (6)

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